Hey Everybody! X is 17-2 and ranked 10th in the country!


Xavier  LSU  Basketball

HA! Sean is a happy camper!

Beating LSU on the road was a huge win for the Muskies. Should be a big confidence boost for the boys in navy. As an aside, should we fans push to havethe boys wear the navy blue unis at home? I love our road unis and it would make us different by wearing em at home. And I always like being different.

But anyways, going into Baton Rouge was always going to be a tricky proposition as LSU was hungry to get that “signature” win on their NCAA tournament resume. Plus, it came at an odd time of the year since both teams were already ankle deep in conference action. But our boy’s showed a lot of toughness and resolve in gutting out a ten point win.

The story for me was the down low play of Kenny Frease and Jason Love. They combined to go 10-13 from the field with 22 points and 11 ball-boards. Although I’d be very remiss not to mention Derrick Brown’s continued stellar play. Scoring 22 points on 7-11 shooting including 3-4 from with the three ball to go along with 9 rebounds is stellar play in my book. When D Brown hits that three ball it’s a thing of beauty. High-arcing shots are just prettier to watch go through that net.

Once again, the A-10 becomes our top priority. We’re 5-0 in the league coming into Wednesday night’s game against Charlotte at the beautiful Cintas Center. Definitely are in the driver’s seat but also St. Joes’s has yet to lose a game and Dayton, Richmond and Temple all have just one loss.

But I want to take this space to say just how stupid some of the message board talk has been of late in regards to the A-10. To say that the A-10 is holding us back is down right ludicrous. Both of today’s polls have us at #10 in the country. I mean, how far back can it really be holding us? If a team like Gonzaga can make it up to 4th in the polls when they come from a decidedly lesser conference than the A-10, then what is all the bitching about?

I mean seriously, woe is us. We are 5-0 in the conference and clearly have the best team. But that doesn’t mean we’ll win every game. UD, Temple, URI, and St. Joe’s all have enough talent to beat us and maybe even a couple others on the right day. But do they have enough talent to beat us over a 16 game conference schedule? I highly doubt it.

And of course I want the conference to get better, but it’s not like Xavier can do anything about it. All we can do is keep winning. Just remember, GW went 16-0 in the conference a scant three seasons ago and now look at em. Obviously, I’m not saying that is going to happen to us, cuz I don’t think it will, but just realize it doesn’t take a whole lot of time for things to turn south and in a hurry.

We are in an incredibly good spot right now. The past 15 years has seen a decidedly upward motion for Xavier basketball and that coincides directly with our affiliation with the A-10 conference. And it’s not like other conferences are chomping at the bit to get us to come to their side. So let’s calm down people. We’ve been a game away from the final four twice in the past five years. I can think of more than a few schools who would like have that distinction….


2 Responses to “Hey Everybody! X is 17-2 and ranked 10th in the country!”

  1. Clown Towner Says:

    Sean has taken some great, great pictures in the past… But this one takes the cake.

  2. jemartynowski Says:

    True, Towner.
    I agree that the guy from the Enquirer is wrong about the conference thing. Sure, maybe in ten years or so, but not right now. I do think the conference is a little weak currently, but you’d be hard-pressed to find an alternative. The best move I could see would be to take the best of the A10, CUSA and a couple others and put them in a sweet mega-conference. Again, though, let’s see if we can continue to be awesomer for another decade.

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