Xavier to face Dayton….Again


After another regular season title (although this time we gotta share).  We Xavier fans have become very spoiled.  So good times!  Chris Mack and company have shown great improvement as the team embark on what will hopefully be a successful A-10 tournament.

Winning the tournament for the first time since 2006 would be a great accomplishment because it would probably take consecutive wins over Dayton, Richmond and Temple in as many days.  Plus, with Dayton needing the win to get back to the bubble and Richmond out for revenge just getting to the title game would be great.  Honestly, I just want to see my boys on CBS in HD for a national television audience.

Now it’s time to bring up the requisite hate brought on by the A-10 and their post season awards.  For Jordan Crawford not to be named the conference POY is just mind boggling.  Not only is he superior in almost every statistical category but we finished tied for 1st in the league.  Oh by way, Jordan was just named Sporting News 3rd team All-American.  Same goes for Jason Love only getting 3rd team all A-10.  Jason could be the best big man in the league.  But it’s whatevs…  And to anyone reading this that isn’t a Xavier fan I fully realize that we are an arrogant fan base.  At least a decent chunk of it anyways.  And to that I say, “sorry I’m not sorry.”

Right now Lunardi has us a #6 seed.  If our boys can win the aforementioned three games in row this weekend then it’s probably safe to assume a #5 seed would be in order.  But really, I am just happy to have piece of mind to know that we are in the tournament regardless.  Hopefully the players don’t feel that way and come out tomorrow night to put Dayton out of its misery.

Let’s go X!


One Response to “Xavier to face Dayton….Again”

  1. ledgewood Says:

    Please learn English.

    It’s “reirrigardlessly”, not regardless.

    God I hate bad grammar.

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