Picking Xavier to Lose Before the Sweet Sixteen is Pretty Much a Bad Idea…


…just for future reference, bracket filler-inners.

XU is in the Sweet Sixteen for the THIRD YEAR IN A ROW after surviving a fury of  Pitt comeback attempts last night.  In ESPN’s addicting pick-’em game, Streak for Cash, only 15.9% of hopeful streakers bet their streak on the Musketeers to win.  FOOLS!  So X was a 6 seed and Pitt a 3.  So what we lost to them last year (in the Sweet Sixteen)  and are down a Derrick Brown, a CJ Anderson, and a BJ Raymond… and a sleaze bag coach… big deal.  It’s Xavier, man.

Other NCAA Basketball fans must be baffled.  UD fans (the ones that haven’t killed themselves yet) especially, who thought that this would be their chance to make a deep run.  This was a “down year” for the good guys in Cincinnati, right?  They’re the ninth youngest team in NCAA Division I ball.  They weren’t even the highest seeded Atlantic 10 team in the tournament!  Well then, I can’t wait for the upswing.

Truth is, this season has proven the program’s elevation.  Xavier is not defined by a head coach, a star one-and-done player (although many NBA eyes are really seeing Jordan Crawford for something other than a dunk in a summer camp on a cell phone camera), or as just a miracle run-team in March.  They are a constant in this Tournament.  Dante Jackson and Joe Hughes don’t know what it is like not to go to the Sweet Sixteen (or to lose to UC).  Remember, last coaching transitional season XU played in no post season games, and the year after only made the tournament by winning the A10 Tourney.  Mack is already in cruising in a much higher gear.

This blog stated before the season that we had hoped for a Conference Title and a NCAA tourny birth.  Done and done.  We’ve all had an impacted assfull of “what could have been” talk (but could you imagine?), and we are once again in the national spotlight with a chance to be Elite, all thanks to the well oiled machine that is the hardest workin’ program in the NCAA.  If any school wants the secret formula, it’s out there.  Someone should really tell this guy.  Sheesh, gotta love all those comments…

Not the best, but better than most… and right outside the door continuing to ride this formula closer and closer.  Who knows, perhaps revenge game 2.0 against 2-seeded Kansas State this Thursday will be a booster shot upward.  Hopefully the Musketeers show the Kansas State Generic Nicknames that they are not the same team that saw them early in the season and can give ’em hell.

Also, Jordan Crawford is really, really good at basketball.

And now, the best picture ever:


One Response to “Picking Xavier to Lose Before the Sweet Sixteen is Pretty Much a Bad Idea…”

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    […] call a Xavier program on its way to its third straight Sweet 16 a mid-major anymore?  Xavier is a constant in this Tournament. Xavier was Gonzaga almost 15 years before the Zags made their own March name. […]

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