How Good Is Xavier Right Now?


I dunno.  Do you?

The Musketeers are in the midst of a pretty tough non-conference stretch which will show the world just what they’re currently made of.  It’s already been a roller coaster of a season that has left fans of X wishing Jordan Crawford stuck around for one more year with a 2-1 trip to the Paradise Jam, an unlikely triple-overtime victory over Wofford at home, a loss in Miami (of Ohio, not where LeBron took his talents), and one ugly, ugly hard fought revenge victory at home versus Butler.

Sitting at 6-2, it’s difficult to know just how good this squad is and what to expect from them throughout this season and into the postseason.  The departure of a solid big and a superstar scoring guard calls for some serious stepping up from guys like McLean, Frease, and Holloway and has come with mixed results.  Overall shooting has been downright yucky, and the newbies aren’t really contributing… at all.  Unfortunately, the league won’t let Brad Redford shoot three balls from a chair, either.  If the Musketeers want to make a good run this year and have a shot at taking home another A10 championship (them Temple boys sure look good), a few things just gotta happen.

Senior Dante Jackson’s stats are pretty much the same as they ever were, ‘cept his 3pt% is way down.  It’d be unreasonable to expect much more from the man, but it’d be nice to see him start knocking down those open corner three bombs.  Sophomore Mark Lyons is a speedster who can drive the lane, but far too often resembles a wrecking ball who really needs to find the pass out of the drive instead of running into guys and/or tossing up a prayer that won’t be answered.  Basically, he’s young and talented but really needs to stop playing like a freshman.  I hope that isn’t asking too much.

The rest of the questions facing this team are that of consistency.  Can we continue to get big games out of Tu Holloway?  Did Kenny Frease improve his game along with slimming down to look better in those awful skin-tight jerseys?  Will the freshman show up?  Will the NCAA consider making the rim just a few inches wider for us?  Hopefully this long break before the Skip Prosser Classic against Wake Forrest will help this team.  It’s quite possible that Holloway is still tired from the Paradise Jam after logging all those minutes…

So here’s hopin’ the shots start fallin’ and wins keep comin’.  Xavier’s all I got since Cleveland doesn’t have sports anymore.  I need this.  Here’s a picture of Olivia Munn.


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  1. TheMidRangeGame Says:

    Musk’s want to stop by for some Q & A at before the UAlbany game?

    email me at Thanks

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